I’m so depressed right now. About a month ago my computer stopped working and I got someone to look at it for me. Now it boils down to I lost completely everything. and i can’t remember my email to my art blog maybe if i talk to tumblr they will give me back. My computer is fried…so now i need to save up to buy another computer. It would probably take me until october to get one back so for now i will be just reblogging…. sigh.

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any questions I get in my inbox with even the slightest hint that MJ could be guilty, is getting deleted. And no, I don’t think MJ is innocent only because I’m a huge fan. I look at facts upon facts upon facts. And that’s all I have to say about that. Go somewhere else with your doubts and your bullshit.

“with even the slightest hint that MJ could be guilty” Not possible. There are no hints. It’s not true. It’s bullshit. Never answer anyone that tries to tell you other wise. It’s pointless to deal with stupid people lol. If someone comes up to you though and ask you what type of prove you have then… Evan Chandler the father of the 1993 boy was money hungry and greedy. He was tape by his bother saying he’d “win big”. Note… Michael Jackson didn’t pay off anyone. His team paid them off behind Michael’s back. Michael was not even in the United States when that happen and he couldn’t stop it. 2001/2002 That boy never had cancer his whole family is full of lies. The family shoplifted and accuse a security of abuse when he found them stealing etc etc. The mother was found stealing and lying. Michael was getting ready to actually not let them in neverland anymore because they were rude to the staff and was destroying his property and that’s when they did what they did. Michael prove he was innocent by going through the whole trial. No it’s not because he had good lawyers and all that it’s simply because the timeline did not match up. The boy said it happen on a specific night or day and Michael had prove he never even was in the same state on the date it “happen” AND if he was with the children he had Frank Cascio with him in the same room. I remember coming home from school and watching michael in handcuffs. I couldn’t even move from the tv. He was release and that was my 1st time hearing anything like that. I remember watching him going in and out of the court house day by day watching it on the tv. As the days went on of his trial he looked drained, tortured and sad. It just sucked the life out of him completely no wonder he left neverland and the US completely and never tour’d there anymore. You can easily tell that honestly the country that was his home, turned on him. Everyone was so easy to turn on him but when he dies oh people “care”.


Solange Knowles kicks, punches, claws Jay Z in elevator video at Met Gala after party [x]

beauxbatons said: yes but what about mjj pics
If your talking about then that isn’t coming back, they took a break and it’s been 4/3 years now. If your talking about then i don’t know. The site seems to be expired and they maybe having problems keeping up paying for the site. Which does happen alot.
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Michael Jackson recorded an anti-war song about the US invasion of Iraq in 2004, "We’ve Had Enough", which was included on his greatest hits package album, “Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection”. It was written by himself, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels and Carole Bayer Sager.